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Company developing & promoting software for self-healing, self-driving cloud & blockchain workloads. Has developed most of the software as used in the ThreeFold_Grid.

  • TFTech is working together with industry partners to sell its software
  • Income - License and OEM agreements involving the TFTech technology: - License fees can be in the form of a revenue share on commercial products being developed on top of the TF platform. - With respect to the TF Grid, a fee of 10% of revenue generated is charged for as a license fee for certified edge Internet Capacity registered on the TF Grid network
  • Investors to this point:
    • Self-funded by founders & current funding round


We believe that doing good for the world and growing a successful software company can go hand in hand.

ThreeFold Tech is a Belgium-based for-profit software company that believes that doing good for the world and building a successful company can go hand-in-hand. They are responsible for the technology behind the ThreeFold_Grid.

ThreeFold Tech business wise focusses on

  • sell licenses to companies and/or governments to deploy private versions of our cloud technology.
  • create an antidote for the Cyberpandemic, help customers to protect themselves against this huge threat.

The company is 80% engineering centric today.

TFTech has no links to tokens, at this point (March 2021) does not own any of them either. All Token & TFGrid activities are coordinate from ThreeFold Dubai.


Last change: 2024-02-27