DB for testing

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We show how to use a database for testing.

Run postgresql container

docker run --rm --name postgres \
  -e POSTGRES_USER=postgres \
  -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres \
  -e POSTGRES_DB=tfgrid-graphql \
  -p 5432:5432 -d postgres

Create the DB

you can either Generate a db with relevant schema to test things locally quickly, or load a previously taken DB dump file:

Method 1: Generate a db with relevant schema using the db helper tool:

cd tools/db/ && go run . \
  --postgres-host \
  --postgres-db tfgrid-graphql \
  --postgres-password postgres \
  --postgres-user postgres \
  --reset \

Method 2: Fill the DB from a Production db dump file, for example if you have dump.sql file, you can run:

psql -h -U postgres -d tfgrid-graphql  < dump.sql
Last change: 2024-02-27