Micro Virtual Machine

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We present the steps to deploy a micro VM on the TFGrid.


Deploy a new virtual machine on the Threefold Grid

  • Make sure you have a wallet
  • From the sidebar click on Solutions
  • Click on Micro Virtual Machine

Process :

  • Fill in the instance name: it's used to reference the VM in the future.
  • Choose the image from the drop down (e.g Alpine, Ubuntu) or you can click on Other and manually specify the flist URL and the entrypoint.
  • Select a capacity package:
    • Small: {cpu: 1, memory: 2, diskSize: 25 }
    • Medium: {cpu: 2, memory: 4, diskSize: 50 }
    • Large: {cpu: 4, memory: 16, diskSize: 100}
    • Or choose a Custom plan
  • Choose the network
    • Public IPv4 flag gives the virtual machine a Public IPv4
    • Public IPv6 flag gives the virtual machine a Public IPv6
    • Planetary Network to connect the Virtual Machine to Planetary network
    • Wireguard Access to add a wireguard acces to the Virtual Machine
  • GPU flag to add GPU to the Virtual machine
  • Dedicated flag to retrieve only dedicated nodes
  • Certified flag to retrieve only certified nodes
  • Choose the location of the node
    • Region
    • Country
    • Farm Name
  • Choose the node to deploy the Virtual Machine on

Or you can select a specific node with manual selection.

  • In the section Environment Variables, you can add any environment variables that the machine might need

  • In the section Disks, You can attach one or more disks to the Virtual Machine by clicking on the Disks tab and the plus + sign and specify the following parameters
    • Disk name
    • Disk size

in the bottom of the page you can see a list of all of the virual machines you deployed. you can click on Show details for more details

You can also go to JSON tab for full details

Last change: 2024-02-27