Supported Configurations

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When deploying with TFROBOT, you can set different configurations allowing for personalized deployments.

Config File

FieldDescriptionSupported Values
node_groupdescription of all resources needed for each node_grouplist of structs of type node_group
vmsdescription of resources needed for deploying groups of vms belong to node_grouplist of structs of type vms
ssh_keysmap of ssh keys with key=name and value=the actual ssh keymap of string to string
mnemonicmnemonic of the usershould be valid mnemonic
networkvalid network of ThreeFold Grid networksmain, test, qa, dev
max_retriestimes of retries of failed node groupspositive integer

Node Group

FieldDescriptionSupported Values
namename of node_groupnode group name should be unique
nodes_countnumber of nodes in node groupnonzero positive integer
free_cpunumber of cpu of nodenonzero positive integer max = 32
free_mrufree memory in the node in GBmin = 0.25, max = 256
free_ssdfree ssd storage in the node in GBpositive integer value
free_hddfree hdd storage in the node in GBpositive integer value
dedicatedare nodes dedicatedtrue or false
public_ip4should the nodes have free ip v4true or false
public_ip6should the nodes have free ip v6true or false
certifiedshould the nodes be certified(if false the nodes could be certified or DIY)true or false
regionregion could be the name of the continents the nodes are located inafrica, americas, antarctic, antarctic ocean, asia, europe, oceania, polar

Vms Groups

FieldDescriptionSupported Values
namename of vm groupstring value with no special characters
vms_countnumber of vms in vm groupnonzero positive integer
node_groupname of node_group the vm belongs toshould be defined in node_groups
cpunumber of cpu for vmnonzero positive integer max = 32
memfree memory in the vm in GBmin = 0.25, max 256
planetaryshould the vm have yggdrasil iptrue or false
public_ip4should the vm have free ip v4true or false
public_ip6should the vm have free ip v6true or false
flistshould be a link to valid flistvalid flist url with .flist or .fl extension
entry_pointentry point of the flistpath to the entry point in the flist
ssh_keykey of ssh key defined in the ssh_keys mapshould be valid ssh_key defined in the ssh_keys map
env_varsmap of env varsmap of type string to string
ssdlist of disksshould be of type disk
root_sizeroot size in GB0 for default root size, max 10TB


FieldDescriptionSupported Values
sizedisk size in GBpositive integer min = 15
mount_pointdisk mount pointpath to mountpoint
Last change: 2024-02-27