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We introduce the ThreeFold governance and provide some context around ThreeFold in general.

Project History

The project is grateful of the support of its community and the commercial entity TFTech.

ThreeFold is fundamentally a decentralized initiative. Within this framework, ThreeFold Dubai plays a pivotal role in championing and advancing the ThreeFold Grid and the broader movement.

For more information, read the ThreeFold History.

Type of Token

The regulators and legal advisors believe that we are a payment token with some flavor of a utility token (hybrid).

We conducted research and obtained legal counsel in multiple jurisdictions:

  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Dubai
  • Singapore

For more information, read the legal opinions.

Governance Process

To make sure that all our funds are used properly and that decisions are taken for the benefit of ThreeFold and its community as a whole, we make use of different tools and features, such as multi-signature wallets, the ThreeFold DAO and the ThreeFold Forum.

Organic Growth

We never organized a pump and dump or any other synthetic mechanism to boost the token price and benefit from this. We believe in organic growth and TFT going up as result of utilization and grid expansion.

Genesis Pool

The Genesis pool was based on real hardware located in Dubai and Ghent.

The tokens out of this pool are safe and well managed. We are acquiring a lot of them with ThreeFold Cloud (ThreeFold Dubai).

For more information on the Genesis pool, read this section.

Decentralized and Open-Source

In essence, ThreeFold is a decentralized and open-source project. We invite everyone to contribute and participate within the ThreeFold ecosystem.

You can read the code on the ThreeFold Tech GitHub repository.

Last change: 2024-03-13